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Legacy Roleplay
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Mar 28, 2023
NOTICE: With our servers being under continued development, our rules are going to constantly be changed to fit the needs of the community. Our rules are here to be followed as guidelines, to make sure everyone in the community has a fair and fun time. It is required that you read the rules below and fully understand them before playing.

Staff reserve the right to remove anyone at any given time, with or without providing evidence. Staff will always prioritize Roleplay over "Ruleplay".

Here at Legacy Roleplay, we strive to be unique from other servers and have a high standard of roleplay. Everyone follows the rules, including the staff.

It is important to understand that even though a rule isn't specifically written for certain actions, it might still be punishable. However, if you feel like you have been wrongly banned, refer to our ban appeal form located here on our forums.


Table of Contents
1. Community Rules
2. General Rules
3. Roleplay Rules
4. Criminal Roleplay

Legacy Roleplay is a community that generally consists of individuals over the age of 18, however, this does not mean you cannot play within our community. We respect and recognize all ages of people that are in our community.

1. Community Rules

(1.1) Bullying, harassment, targeting or any form of threats are not allowed.

(1.2) The Staff Team reserves the right to ban any person from our servers at any time.

(1.3) You are required to use a microphone and speak the native language of the server when playing on our servers. The use of /me and /description must be used to enhance roleplay, not replace it.

(1.4) Any form of discrimination, racism, sexism, derogatory terms, rape roleplay, vulgar language, or characters of sensitive nature are not allowed.

(1.5) Cheating is not allowed. This includes 'hacks', exploiting and changes made to your client that gives you an unfair advantage.

(1.6) Ban evasion is not allowed. This means that after being banned, you may not play on other accounts to get around the ban or attempt anything to evade your ban.

(1.7) Encouraging or forcing other members of the community to break rules is strictly prohibited and will share the consequence.

(1.8) Legacy Roleplay will only ask for age from our players when applying to whitelisted positions. Any other personal information will never be requested.

(1.9) Trading real-life items for any in-game luxury is not allowed. FiveM strictly prohibits this and you will be permanently banned without appeal. Donations/support made to cover server costs is the only FiveM exemption to this rule.

(1.10) You may not advertise other communities, products, services, or accounts unless relevant to Legacy Roleplay.

2. General Rules

(2.1) Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) is not allowed. VDM is the act of intentionally using a vehicle to kill/injure other persons. An act of using a vehicle as a weapon to protect your own life is situational and may not be considered VDM.

(2.2) Random Deathmatch (RDM) is the act of killing/downing a person without proper initiation. Roleplay should include ample time to react to demands before harming anyone.

(2.3) Fear RP means that you are to value your life at all times and act accordingly in different situations. Having a weapon does not automatically make you the most powerful person in the situation.

(2.4) Metagaming is taking actions within the server based on information not achieved through roleplay, such as mixing memories, stream sniping, using out of character channels, or using third-party communications, and is prohibited.

(2.5) Disconnecting/exiting the game during any roleplay situation is considered exploitation this also includes airlifting during an active situation. This is clearly reflected in the logs and staff will make an informed decision on whether you've tried to resolve the issue.

(2.6) Trolling/baiting is the deliberate act of performing certain actions to provoke a reaction and/or disrupting the roleplay of others.

(2.7) Powergaming is strictly prohibited. This is when you abuse server or roleplay mechanics in order to benefit one or multiple persons goals, excluding the consideration of others.

(2.8) Fail-RP is the act of roleplaying unrealistically or avoiding roleplay. Breaking character in the event of rule breaks is prohibited and should be directed to the use of /report.

(2.9) When respawning to any hospital after going down, you are to forget all information/events leading up to your death. You cannot return to an active situation if previously downed/arrested.

(2.10) All forms of gore roleplay are prohibited unless all parties that are involved have a local OOC agreement. However, suicide roleplay are not permitted.

3. Roleplay Rules

(3.1) Partaking in ANY heists 30 minutes (in real-time) before or after a scheduled restart is not allowed. Unscheduled restarts are an exemption, however if caught after an announcement is made, you may face a punishment.

(3.2) Make sure your name is reasonable and realistic. If your name violates this rule, you will be forced to choose a new name.

(3.3) No criminal activity inside ANY hospital. This rule is void if someone attempts to run into a hospital as a safe haven when they are already in a roleplay situation.

(3.4) If EMS are on duty and you fail to use the service by bringing someone to a hospital yourself, you are removing EMS roleplay. The exception to this is if you get no response from EMS after 3 minutes.

(3.5) If you decide to put your character into the intensive care unit (ICU), your character must stay in ICU for a minimum of 24 hours and can only be checked out when a qualified EMS clears you to leave.

(3.6) You may not use things like the cocaine mission, start oxy runs or use the gun running computer unless you are a member of a whitelisted gang (apply here).

(3.7) You are not allowed to steal emergency vehicles unless obtained via a roleplay scenario, not including holding up EMS/PD employees to get the vehicle without roleplay behind it.

4. Criminal Roleplay

(4.1) When kidnapping, mugging, and/or executing someone you must provide high-quality roleplay, not focus on maximizing monetary gain, and without camping locations to achieve these goals.

(4.2) When kidnapping someone to use as a hostage, you are not allowed to use your friends, members of your own gang, or police negotiators. Hostages must be players that have no idea what you are planning.

(4.3) When mugging/robbing someone or something, you must not pocket wipe them. You must refrain from taking items of sentimental value, out of their current player inventory or vehicle inventory. Items of sentimental value include but are not limited to the following: Smartwatch, Printed Items (pictures), Rings, Notes, Roses/Teddy Bears etc.

(4.4) Whenever partaking in ANY criminal activities, you can have a maximum of 4 people involved, however if all participants are members of any whitelisted gang, you can be a maximum of 6 (only applies for crim vs. pd).

(4.5) Prison transports, while following rule 4.4, are to take place while the prisoner is transported from any Police Department to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Initiation begins when the transport has left any PD, and ends when prisoners are inside the gate.

(4.6) You cannot initiate fights at and/or inside the prison. This is nullified if the Department of Corrections (DOC) is on duty.

5. Gang Rules
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