Case Closed CRIMINAL APPEAL - Justice Reid - Thursday 25th May 12:00am


Apr 26, 2023
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Defendant: Ellie Montgomery - 42256


I. Statement of Claim 1. The Defendant was improperly charged with "P.C. 205 Terroristic Threat (PP)" when she should have instead been charged with "P.C. 201 Criminal Threat (PP)" and is requesting that it be changed.
1 (a). Per the incident report, threats were made directly to LT-167 R. Roman. The Defendant directed said threats solely at LT Roman and did not intend to threaten the entire police force.
1 (b). The Defendant's threats were not stemming from political, religious, social, or environmental influences.

2. The Defendant is seeking a reduction in time and fine pursuant to the change in charge.
2 (a). The time and fine that the Defendant has already served and paid as it relates to "P.C. 205 Terroristic Threat (PP)" is approximately 36 months and $1200. The time and fine should be reduced to 12 months and $360 for "P.C. 201 Criminal Threat (PP)"

3. The Defendant is seeking restitution for the difference in time served and fine related to the change in charges.

II. Charge(s)
  • Assault and Battery (PP) x1
  • Felony Evading a Peace Officer x1
  • possession of Class 2 Weapon x1
  • Possession of Class A Substance x1
  • Resisting a Peace Officer x1
  • Terroristic Threat (PP) x1

III. Representative Devyn Little


IV. Officers Involved
  • (102) Curtis Roscoe - Masik52#5834
  • (167) Ronny Roman - TropicalRon#7831
  • (324) Mack Hunter - Xanti#8872
  • (506) Padriag O'Neill - robin.#2211
  • (525) Bucky Langston - Twentz#0001

V. Evidence
  • Police Report - Incident #12958

VI. Actions Taken
  • Total Time: 150 months
  • Total Fine: $4560

VII. Witnesses N/A
Here is the answers from Officer Roman.
Answer to question for Mrs. Montgomery

Defendant was found to be Not Guilty of Terroristic Threats against a Protected Person and was instead found Guilty of Criminal Threats against a Protected Person. The defendant was awarded $2,500 in compensation in regards to time spent in jail and difference in fines.

This docket shall now be closed.