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Apr 26, 2023
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Select the type of case you wish to file with the court: CRIMINAL APPEAL

Defendant: Tiquon Cox

I. Statement of Claim STATEMENT OF CLAIM

1. Regarding the incident report (#12865) it appears there is insufficient evidence to convict of P.C. 203 Aggravated Assault & Battery (PP).
1 (a). The defense sees no evidence supporting the fact that the Defendant shot at police. There are no photos of casings, no casings collected, no GSR test.
1 (b). There is no provided officer testimony or detailed report regarding which, if any, officers were allegedly hit by the Defendant's alleged shot(s).
1 (c). The incident report, in general, lacks specificity, i.e., "The vehicle was registered to an individual named . There were a total of occupants inside of the vehicle."

2. Any officers that were hit by the Defendant's alleged shot(s), they had to have been caused "physical harm" according to the charge for P.C. 203 Aggravated Assault & Battery.
2 (a). The incident report, which lacks general specificity, is in fact very specific in the fact that there were "0 officers treated at St. Fiacre."
2 (b). The incident report does not include any mention of which, if any officers, were stuck by the Defendant's alleged shot(s) and specifies that "no officers received medical treatment."

II. Charge(s) Charges:

Grand Theft Auto (PP) x1
Possession of Class 2 Weapon x1
Felony Evading a Peace Officer x1
Aggravated Assault and Battery (PP) x1

III. Representative Co-Counsel:

Devyn Little

Nia Liviaus

IV. Officers Involved Officers:

[LT-126] Jeffrie Gogginschmiel

[SF-208] Johnny Stevenson

[S-298] Danny Supreme

[CO-333] Han Kuffman

[S-255] Thomas Sucher

[S-235] John Price

[LT-129] Quintin Johnson

[TF-511] Alexandr Nolan

V. Evidence Incident Report:

VI. Actions Taken Unknown, not available in Public records or Incident Report

VII. Witnesses N/A
Please remove co-counsel from this case. My client has been advised of her recusal from this case.

Nia Liviaus
Per my conversation with the judges recently, I also have to unfortunately recuse myself from this case. I've tried to find another attorney to take the case, but have come up short. The Defendant has been notified. I move that we remove this case from the docket and if/when another attorney is found that wants to take the case, I will be happy to provide them with any and all case files so that they might re-enter the case here if they see fit.
Sounds good to me, thanks for keeping us updated regarding your situation. I will reach out to the defendant to make sure they are aware.
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