Joe McIntosh Background


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Jun 29, 2021
Joe McIntosh is a 58-year-old man from Scotland who has been a police officer from 17 and a half which is the entry level requirement in Scotland. He has always aspired to be an officer since he was a young boy from having a lot of crime in his area and in turn a lot of Police role models that walked the beat of his area and often ran seminars in schools to teach the dangers of drugs and knife crime.

Joe worked his way through the ranks of the police only stepping through the levels for the money to support him and his wives love for holidays or "vacations" as he has now learned to call them. When the job offers came in for promotions which would see old Joe take on more desk work and see less action, he refused them and held a steady position for many years.

Joe loves action and over his many years in the force has grown to be more community driven and tends to have a rehabilitation over force outlook. Joe likes to make sure people learn from their mistakes whether that be going through a red light and the dangers of that or selling drugs. Joe is firm but fair, he is a wise and witty old man who does not take lightly to smart ass criminals. However, your average person would describe him as friendly and easy going, some might say quite funny.

As you would imagine with a witty old man comes the "back in my day" chat you would expect and ramblings about nonsense, trying to bestow unwanted wisdom on people as he thinks he is going to get through to them. Joe is quite forgetful at times, over silly things like names and where he left his coffee which his friends and colleagues often make fun of him for. This forgetfulness does not hinder him from doing his job as his experience is unrivalled and shines through on all occasions.

As you know Joe and his wife Agnes are fond of a holiday and more so the sun, which is uncommon where they come from. Over the last couple of years, they had been planning to retire and move abroad, they had been looking through magazines and speaking to travel agents for months when they found the perfect place, San Andreas. Los Santos specifically.

They have been saving for the last couple of years, only a few more to go they thought. Unfortunately, a few months ago Agnes passed away, leaving Joe somewhat lost. He grieved for weeks, sitting around the house not knowing what to do with himself.

He then got himself together, spur of the moment stuff and packed his things. He got on the next plane to Los Santos. Joe spent weeks, going walks along the beach and sunbathing. As well as enjoying all the American food. It just was not the same without Agnes.

Joe reached a point, a crossroads even, where he had to decide on whether to move back to Scotland or stay in Los Santos. His goal being to get back to work and doing what he does best. Laying around is not for Joe and he thought his talents would be wasted sunbathing, Joe will not die happy knowing he could have done more to protect people.

Ultimately it came down to the fact that Los Santos is much sunnier, and he has decided to stay and do what he can to get into the police force. Which will be challenging for him at first with the new procedures but the experience he has under his belt will shine through and his friendly smile will soon be known by all of Los Santos (hopefully through the means of chatting and not arresting).