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Apr 12, 2023
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Select the type of case you wish to file with the court: CRIMINAL APPEAL

Defendant: Pepe Silvia Mactheturtle7#3397

I. Statement of Claim The Defendant claims that he did not commit "P.C. 213 Kidnapping (PP) x1" nor did he commit "P.C. 203 Aggravated Assault and Battery (PP, AAA) x1".

The Defendant was in the area when police officers had pulled him over and arrested him for a crime he claims he did not commit.

The Defendant would like to point out, as you can see listed in the Evidence, the reporting officer stated that the car was seen "leaving the area" after the police officers who were assisting the downed officer, had already started driving away from the scene.

The Defendant does in fact agree that he did Felony Evade a Peace officer since he ignored the sirens.
The Defendant does in fact agree that he was in possession of a class 2 weapon.

II. Charge(s)

III. Representative Nia Liviaus selliee#8806
Teddy Lawson Djibouti#6958

IV. Officers Involved (LT-129) Quintin Johnson - northbayjoe#5571
(LT-131) Maverick Black - Jоrdan#0101
(S-255) Thomas Sucher - ExsertRook#1234
(CO-324) Mack Hunter - Xanti#8872
(CO-333) Han Kuffman - donPsYcHo#1435
(TA-703) Dempsey Watson - mystictoast#3778
(TF-506) Patrick O'neill - robin.#2211
(T-602) Kyle Ross - AmmoOgre#1788

V. Evidence

VI. Actions Taken Time: 168 Months | $3700 Fine

VII. Witnesses N/A at this time