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Apr 26, 2023
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Select the type of case you wish to file with the court: CRIMINAL APPEAL

Defendant: Daddy Longleg - masterc543#7464

I. Statement of Claim STATEMENT OF CLAIM

1. The Defendant claims that he did not commit "P.C. 306 Armed Robbery." The Defendant claims that he did not unlawfully take property from another by any means.
1 (a). The vehicle that the defendant fled in was registered to himself, and there was no stolen property found on his person nor in his vehicle.
1 (b). The Defendant also claims that he did not attempt to commit "P.C. 306 Armed Robbery." He claims that he never removed his gun from his holster.

2. The Defendant claims that he did not commit "P.C. 313 Grand Theft Auto (ATT)." The Defendant claims that he did not attempt to illegally take the vehicle of another with the intent to deprive the owner of that vehicle.
2 (a). The Defendant claims that he never exited his vehicle nor did he ever point his gun at anyone or remove it from his holster.

3. The Defendant agrees that he did in fact, evade a peace officer by ignoring visual and auditory signals given by officers and willfully refusing to stop. However, the Defendant claims that because he did not commit any of the previously alleged crimes, he is not guilty of "P.C. 810 Felony Evading a Peace Officer" and instead is guilty of "P.C. 809 Evading a Peace Officer."
3 (a). Additionally, the Defendant would like to point out that the Incident report is incorrect. The Defendant did not stop driving on Grove Street. As you can see in the time/location stamped photos, he stopped his vehicle on Forum Drive.

4. This is the Defendant's first interaction with officers and as such, he was scared and unsure how to react. Once he realized the totality of what was going on, he pulled the vehicle over.
4 (a). Contrary to the title of this Incident report, the Defendant is not a "Wannabe Gangster." Instead, he is an upstanding citizen with a clean record, a weapons license, and a Managerial role at a local establishment. (edited)

II. Charge(s)
  1. Felony Evading a Peace Officer x1
  2. Armed Robbery x1
  3. Grand Theft Auto (ATT) x1

III. Representative Devyn Little - sleighwhite#8707

Nia Liviaus - selliee#8806

IV. Officers Involved
  • (511) Alexander Nolan - Eyrii#1000
  • (333) Han Kuffman - donPsYcHo#1435

V. Evidence Incident Report




Vehicle Location


Vehicle Identification


Defendant's Possessions


Gun Serial Number


VI. Actions Taken Time: 100 months
Fine: $2350

VII. Witnesses N/A at this time