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Apr 12, 2023
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Pablo Turner [phaethon.]

I. Statement of Claim
  1. The Defense claims that on September 16th, 2023, the Defendant, Pablo Turner was falsely accused of shooting a police officer. The Plaintiff alleges Mr. Turner's involvement in this incident without proper identification and credible evidence to support the claims.
  2. It is crucial to emphasize that during the incident in question, the police officer involved did not properly identify Pablo Turner as the assailant. Mr. Turner was not positively identified by the officer or any reliable witnesses.
  3. The Plaintiff has failed to provide any direct evidence linking Pablo Turner to the shooting of the police officer. There are no eyewitnesses or concrete physical evidence connecting him to the incident.
  4. The Defense claims that the accusations against him are entirely baseless and that he has been wrongfully targeted due to the absence of proper identification.
  5. The Defense claims that the fact that the defendant had been served a warrant earlier that day, is not enough evidence connecting him to this incident.

II. Charge(s)
P.C. 810Felony Evading a Peace Officer
P.C. 907Possession of Class 2 Weapon
P.C. 203Aggravated Assault and Battery (PP)

III. Representative
Nia Liviaus [selliee]

IV. Officers Involved
CO-307 Xander Killbourne
TA-707 Richard John
T-620 Demarcus Smith V

V. Evidence

VI. Actions Taken
156 Months | $3,700

VII. Witnesses
The Defense is not calling any witnesses at this time; however, we reserve the right to add witnesses in the future until the Discovery period has ended.