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Apr 12, 2023
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Skai Slade [botjordan0000]

I. Statement of Claim
This case will encapsulate two different claims. We’re entering one appeal.

Case A

On September 16th 2023, the Defendant, Mr. Skai Slade, was taken into custody due to an incident and was served an unrelated arrest warrant. (Evidence Exhibit A1)

Regarding the said warrant, the Defense claims the following:

  1. The Defense claims that Mr. Slade is being falsely accused of participating in a robbery of a stockade on September 11th, 2023. We assert that Skai Slade is innocent and had no involvement in the alleged criminal activity.
  2. The Defense claims that the central piece of evidence that has led to Skai Slade's false accusations is the discovery of a mask at the crime scene. The prosecution alleges that this mask implicates Skai Slade as one of the perpetrators.
  3. The Defense claims that there is a lack of direct evidence. It is crucial to emphasize that the mere presence of a mask at the crime scene does not directly implicate Skai Slade in the robbery.

    Case B

    Regarding the incident that lead to Mr. Slade’s arrest on September 16th, 2023 the Defense claims the following:

    1. The Defense claims that Mr. Skai Slade was driving his vehicle when he was pulled over by law enforcement officers as part of a traffic stop. Mr. Slade immediately complied with the officers' instructions, stopped his vehicle, and provided his identification.
    2. The Defense claims that during the traffic stop, the officers asked Skai Slade to exit his vehicle. At this point, Mr. Slade became concerned for his safety due to the circumstances and the uncertainty of the situation. In fear for his well-being, he decided to leave the scene.
    3. The Defense claims that it is essential to clarify that Mr. Slade's decision to flee the scene was not an admission of guilt or participation in any criminal activity. It was a response to what he perceived as a potentially unsafe situation.
    4. The Defense claims that the allegations linking Skai Slade to a bank robbery swap are entirely baseless, hearsay and without merit. There is no direct evidence connecting Mr. Slade to any criminal activity related to the alleged bank robbery swap.
    5. The Defense maintains that Skai Slade is innocent of any involvement in the bank robbery swap and that his actions during the traffic stop should be considered separately and in the context of his legitimate fear for his safety. We request a fair trial, a thorough examination of the evidence, and a commitment to upholding justice in this matter.

II. Charge(s)
Case A

P.C. 309Armed Robbery of a Stockade x1
P.C. 203Aggravated Assault and Battery x2

Case B

P.C. 810Felony Evading a Peace Officer
P.C. 213Kidnapping
P.C. 308Armed Robbery of a Bank
P.C. 1102Accessory

*all charges in this case have the accessory enhancement charge*

III. Representative
Nia Liviaus [selliee]

IV. Officers Involved
Case A

X-102 Curtis Roscoe
LT-129 Quintin Johnson
SF-211 Anya Petroski
S-223 Marcus Burns
CO-307 Xander Killbourne
CO-308 Sam Winger
CO-350 Juggington Sausage
T-620 Demarvus Smith V

Case B

X-102 Curtis Roscoe
A-115 Pepper Belle
LT-129 Quintin Johnson
SF-212 Sebastian Collinsworth
S-269 Rory Graves
CO-307 Xander Killbourne
Co-333 James Goff Jr.
ST-404 Ryan Goode
TF-514 Atlas East

V. Evidence
Case A




Case B


VI. Actions Taken
Case A

216 months | $4900

Case B

239 months | $4675

VII. Witnesses
The Defense is not calling any witnesses at this time; however, we reserve the right to add witnesses in the future until the Discovery period has ended.
The State of San Andreas is good to proceed to discovery and scheduling.