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AJ Pace - Eyrii

I. Statement of Claim
On May 4th Mr Pace was inside The Lost MC Compound where he was sitting by a campfire behind the bushes, when an individual, later identified as TJ Jackson, entered the compound, being followed by PD, and made off in Mr Pace's Black Subaru. He did not have any contact with Mr Jackson and watched all this happen from behind a bush across the compound.

A little while later, Mr Pace was stopped whilst he was riding his motorcycle home from Vinewood Blvd. Mr Pace complied with the officers, stopped and got off his motorcycle. The officers that stopped him began to search his bike without any reason to do so. He was arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm and taken to MRPD, where he was then also charged with aiding and abetting the chase that Mr Jackson had been involved in earlier that day. I do not believe the charges given to Mr Pace are just as he had no contact with Mr Jackson during his pursuit, and there was no reason to search Mr Pace's motorcycle as this was not involved in any crimes prior.

I believe Mr Pace has been wrongfully charged as per the above statement and we trust that the court will be willing to help rectify this.

II. Charge(s)
Possession of Class 2 Weapon x1
Possession of Extended Magazine x1
Felony Evading a Peace Officer (AAA) x1

III. Representative
Phoebe Doc - Lead Attorney - princesschlo195
Dusty Ford - Assistant Attorney - soodurtyttv

IV. Officers Involved
Ryan Walker - .sbz.
Same Escobar - letsdobidness

V. Evidence
Incident Report

VI. Actions Taken
70 Months
$1800 Fine

VII. Witnesses
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