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Jun 9, 2023
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Will Lawson

I. Statement of Claim
On the 23rd of October 2023, Will Lawson kidnapped Officer Ronny Roman with the intention of shaving his head and taking some medical supplies. Mr Lawson had every intention of leaving Mr Roman at the hair salon after shaving his head.

When Lawson was in his car driving off to leave, instead of contacting his colleagues about what had just happened on his radio or to gain backup units, Mr Roman decided to use lethal force against my client by himself, by using his PD issued pistol to shoot at the individual. This is where Mr Lawson used self defence and shot the officer back with his pistol.

Case Law Tennessee vs Garner states that "Officers may use deadly force to prevent the escape or fleeing of a suspect but only if the officer has a good faith that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to officers or others." The defence strongly believes that lethal force was not acceptable under this circumstance as:

A) Will Lawson had uncuffed Ronny Roman and left him in a public space to do as he pleased.
B) Mr Lawson was driving away.
C) He didn't threaten Roman's life inside of the barber shop.
D) Roman's first instinct was to shoot the individual instead of using communication. There could have been an officer in the area who could have pursued Lawson if Roman gave dispatch details on the car, which direction he was headed and his appearance. However Roman didn't even take a second to think about other options.
E) There was no one in the immediate area and he was driving away from Roman so how could Lawson have posed a threat to those around him?
F) Roman was safe inside of the barber shop watching Will drive away.

Given the above statements the defence strongly believes that Will Lawson's charge of Aggravated Assault and Battery [PP] should be removed. This whole charge could have been avoided, along with Ronny Roman not needing surgery, if he hadn't have acted on impulse and thought carefully about what he could do as soon as he was released from cuffs.

II. Charge(s)
Will Lawson:

Grand Theft x1
Kidnapping x1
Possession of Class 2 Weapon x2
Resisting a Peace Officer x1
Aggravated Assault and Battery [PP] x1
Possession of Extended Magazines x1

III. Representative
Cait Dodger [cloudcait]

IV. Officers Involved
[LT-129] Quintin Johnson
[S-270] Ronny Roman
[CO-307] Xander Killbourne
[LT-131] Maverick Black
[LT-132] Sam Escobar
[LT-134] Jason Brennon

V. Evidence
- Warrant written by Ronny Roman
- Incident report written by Xander Killbourne
- Incident report written by Maverick Black
- Officers Involved
- Charges & Confiscated Items
- Tweet from 'Will'
- Ronny Roman's Bullet Casings
- Will's Bullet Casings

VI. Actions Taken
Will Lawson:

203 Months, $5500 Fine.

VII. Witnesses
[LT-131] Maverick Black
[S-270] Ronny Roman
[CO-307] Xander Killbourne

Will Lawson
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Can we open discovery today and have this scheduled for next saturday?
Will is not available that weekend, he's available the weekend after if that works?
Saturday the 19th at 2 PM work for everyone?
The defence agrees to 19th November 7pm GMT (2pm EST)
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That will not work for me. I will be pretty much fully booked this upcoming weekend.
Any update on this since there's no DA?
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Prosecution is ready to move forward with scheduling once again for the trial and discovery.
Ronny Roman is only available either Monday's or Tuesday's. Mondays work best for me, but my schedule can be changed to fit a good time for the courts to be in session.
Depends on what time as both myself and my client are EU timezones.
Ronny Roman is available anytime on a Monday or Tuesday after 11AM. I on the other hand will be available anytime on Monday and anytime after 7PM EST on Tuesday.
I work liberty on weekdays so I go to sleep at 7pm EST so those days will not work unfortunately
Unfortunately my only true availability will be Fridays Saturdays or Sundays. At any given time. So if we can make something happen there, I can have affidavits filled out by parties unable to attend.
Unfortunately due to myself working in liberty and preparing for my christmas vacation I think it would be best if we postpone this until the new year?
Alright, so I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year. Lets get this scheduled and going. @cloudcait @Eyrii